Insight, discussion, and innovative ideas that emerged during the G20 DIN event.

Learning from policy and business leaders, the report highlights some of the strategies, major opportunities, and challenges of the tech industry from the lenses of sustainable business, investment outlook, and lessons-learned by unicorns during the pandemic.

The rise of the digital economy as a theme of G20 DIN has put priority issues in  Healthcare, Green and Renewable Energy, Education Technology, Financial Inclusivity, and Supply Chain.

For each sector, startups across G20 countries showcase their latest innovative ideas and solutions to tackle problems in the respective areas. In addition, the white book presents market insight containing an overview, potential and future predictions for the five focus areas.

What You'll Find in Our Whitebook

During the three-day event, several innovation leaders from both government institutions and the corporate world delivered keynote speeches to introduce and bring innovative thinking into the conversation. These leaders highlighted the key role that the digital economy and digital innovations are playing to foster the post-pandemic recovery, globally, at ASEAN level and in Indonesia. 


There are four-panel discussions which you can gain insight from, which are: The Future of Tech Industry from Indonesia’s Early Unicorns, A Shift Towards Sustainability: Advancing Sustainable Investment in the Post Pandemic Era, Weathering the Storm: A Global Tech Investment Outlook, and Strolling in a Pandemic: Learning from Unicorns During Times of Challenges.


Find out how our award winners have progressed one year after they gained acknowledgement on the global stage.


Find the latest market insights on five priority sectors in G20 Digital Innovation Network, which are Healthcare, Green & Renewable Energy, Education Technology, Financial Security, and Supply Chain.



Market Insight & Compendium

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