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G20 DIN Whitebook

Learning from policy and business leaders, the report highlights some of the strategies, major opportunities, and challenges of the tech industry from the lenses of sustainable business, investment outlook, and lessons-learned by unicorns during the pandemic.

The rise of the digital economy as a theme of G20 DIN has put priority issues in  Healthcare, Green and Renewable Energy, Education Technology, Financial Inclusivity, and Supply Chain.

For each sector, startups across G20 countries showcase their latest innovative ideas and solutions to tackle problems in the respective areas. In addition, the white book presents market insight containing an overview, potential and future predictions for the five focus areas.


Conference Day 1

Conference Day 2

Startup Pitching


Green & Renewable Energy

Education Technology

Financial Inclusivity

Supply Chain

G20 DIN aims to become a premiere forum to share knowledge, encourage discussion, and build partnerships among global innovation players

Showcase innovative solutions from startups

that address some of the most urgent issues in the key focus areas

Share knowledge and insight on innovation

emerging during covid-19 pandemic and supporting covid-19 recovery

Enhance multi-stakeholder partnerships

by providing business opportunities & momentums to network and collaborate

2021 Digital Innovation League Winners


I met powerful people and found meaningful collaborators while my time at the event.

Adamas Belva Syah Devara

Co-founder, Ruangguru

I met powerful people and found meaningful collaborators while my time at the event.

Adamas Belva Syah Devara 2

Co-founder, Ruangguru

I met powerful people and found meaningful collaborators while my time at the event.

Adamas Belva Syah Devara 3

Co-founder, Ruangguru

We have invited global innovation players consist of



Are you a startup from G20 member country and invitee who wants to present your solutions on a global stage to some of the most important public and private innovation players from G20 countries?

With venture capitals, big corporates, and policymakers from all around the world participating, there are many opportunities around every corner.



Are you a venture capitalist from G20 member country and invitee who look for opportunities to showcase your portfolio companies and get to know other innovations developed and adopted by other startups in other parts of the world?

Meet curated startups from all around the world in #G20InnovationNetwork.



Are you a policymaker from G20 member country and invitee who wants to see first-hand how innovation can tackle society’s complex needs with disruptive technologies and share international solutions to global problems that every country is increasingly facing?

Gain insights on the latest global startup trend directly from the ecosystem players and other policymakers in #G20InnovationNetwork.



Are you a corporate professional from G20 member country and invitee who aims to explore opportunities to invent and invest in innovative solutions that might help your businesses grow and face the biggest challenges of our age?

You will find it in #G20InnovationNetwork. Here, every conversation can ignite vast opportunities for impactful collaborations. Join us.

Reasons to Attend G20 2022

Digital Innovation Network is the place for getting things done, with a new collaboration opportunity around every corner. Find out what Digital Innovation Network can do for participants, starting with startups and our corporate partners.

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More than 1 out 2 visitors with a project are decision makers
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of the audience is C- Level
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More than 80% of global satisfaction for visitors and exhibitors
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Up to 25% of annual leads are generated by startups during Vivatech
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of startups met potential investors


Here are some of speakers to join us at Digital Innovation Network.

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G20 Digital Innovation Network 2022 will take place at Bali.

Bali is a tropical paradise for digital nomads, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is so because of its affordable living cost, friendly digital nomad and local communities, and the available amenities and attractions.

Latest News of G20 Digital Innovation Network

Global crises like pandemics, endemic, climate change, and war conflicts are putting us into tight situations. To face the global impact challenges, cooperation or collaboration from various sectors (including the governments from various countries) is needed.  That is why G20 Digital Innovation Network can be an answer for these crucial situations. It is a premiere…